Alex is a Real Estate professional dedicated to providing a seamless experience to guide through life's most important decisions - your future or existing home. With 5+ years of experience and over $60M of closed in high-end Brooklyn and Manhattan markets, Alex is also recognized by some of the top news outlets on a consistent basis. With unwavering dedication to deliver results, Alex objectively focuses on the clients’ needs and tailors a customized strategy whether it be the purchase of your dream home, investment for the future or the sale of your current home to help start that next chapter. 

Marketing Strategy

Highlighting your property and reaching the right buyers are key to the producing a sale of your home for top-dollar. From photography and staging to extensive e-mail and print marketing as well as events, open houses, press highlights and social media promotion, Alex develops a customized marketing plan for your property. 


Seller Representation

From beginning to end, the sale process should be goal-focused, and the property has to be positioned in the market accordingly to maximize the sale value. Alex's razor-sharp focus on data and analytics along with his experience in digital and print marketing as well as home staging and design allow for a specific and pro-active sale plan to be crafted together with the owner of the home to ensure optimal exposure to the market.



The importance of pricing a property correctly may be the difference between the sale or not. With a specialty in data analytics, Alex has the ability to zone-in on every positive feature of the property along with historical data to create the optimal listing price to not only generate traffic but produce a stellar closing price. The art of pricing property and selling property is being able to reasonably highlight the comparable market values and the potential of the space.

on the market

When the property goes live, it is about creating traffic and consistency to determine market condition in relation to this particular property as well as overall buyer sentiment. Alex works with his sellers to understand how the market is receiving the property which will allow the marketing strategy to be molded to the buyers’ expectation. Alex ensures that everyone who views the property leaves well informed about the home and neighborhood. More importantly, every buyer is asked for feedback which is tracked and analyzed by Alex and the seller.

In Contract

As soon as there is a signed contract, a crucial part of the process begins to reach the closing table. For Co-op and Condo sales, it is important to properly compile the documents for the Purchase Application to ensure a smooth and timely approval process. For Co-op properties, the Purchase Application is crucial as it gives the Board of Managers an insight into the next potential shareholder, so this information is presented professionally and honestly. For Townhome and Multi-Family sales, this period is crucial to ensure the that financing process (should there be one) and any property inspections are accommodated, and the buyer is engaged and informed every step of the way until closing. Alex makes sure all parties are in the loop and coordinates with mortgage bankers, attorneys, inspectors, contractors, designers to make sure nothing is left to chance and that the needs of all parties are met.


Coordinating closing date and ensuring that both parties are aware of move-in/out policies and documentation requirements as well as conducting the final walk through inspection within 24-48 hours of the closing date to ensure that the property is in the same condition as originally agreed upon. 

The final part is the favorite for any home seller and buyer - the exchange of keys!

Buyer Representation

Alex is recognized as a Certified Buyer Representative and has negotiated many deals on behalf of his clients for Condominiums, Cooperatives and Townhomes. Whether you are a first-time home buyer, investor or are looking for a new home for the next chapter in your life, Alex has designed a simple step-by-step process to ensure that your home-buying experience is seamless and stress-free. First Alex zones in on your needs, wants and preferences for the property, crafts a specific targeted plan based on your needs, facilitates and gets together your "team" (Attorneys, Mortgage, Title Professionals, Designers, Inspectors, etc.) and this is all done prior to you see your first property, this ensures that should you come across an opportunity that fits the bill, all of your bases are already covered, thus making the rest of the process much easier. 


Beginning the search

From the first conversation, Alex's goal is to understand your specific taste, preferences and needs in terms of choosing your next home while staying within your preferred budget and general location parameters. With this information, Alex can objectively target areas of interest and highlight possible options as well as source potential off-market options, prior to the first showing. Alex will make sure you are well-prepared for the steps ahead by preparing you with a timeline, financial expectations and the overall purchasing process.

DURING the search

Alex makes it his business to understand what works and what does not, he keeps track of all the pros and cons based on your opinion of the property you have viewed together, while providing data to choose the home that is best for you. Alex will coordinate all showings and open houses and accompany the buyer to the property to make sure they get the same "feel" for the property.



Now that you have found a property you like, it is time to make an offer! In a market that is competitive as Manhattan it is important to be prepared with the proper documentation., this solidifies your ability to purchase and may be beneficial if there is more than one offer on the table. Alex will make sure the offer is presented professionally with the proper documentation and information. Alex is able to create a negotiation plan based on comparable sales, market conditions and overall interest, while also considering his clients points of leverage.

In Contract/Closing

After the deal has been negotiated and the respective parties have executed their part of the contract, a crucial part of the process begins. If there is a mortgage - a commitment letter must be secured as soon as possible, and the Purchase Application must be submitted. Alex will make sure to stay connected with all involved parties including the seller's brokers, attorneys, mortgage bankers, appraisers, etc. and will have the necessary paperwork and applications prepared ahead of time to ensure an easy path to the closing table. If the property is a cooperative, Alex will make sure to prepare the purchaser for the board interview and give any pointers as to what questions to expect and how they are to be answered and presented to be promptly approved. 

Prior to the closing date being scheduled, we will conduct a full inspection of the property and note any items and repairs not accounted for in the contract, should there be any to be settled at closing. The purchases will be familiarized with the welcome package and any notes for the property ahead of the exchange of keys and funds at the closing table.

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